About Jason

About Jason Ballay

QHHT Practitioner / Past Life Regression Hypnotist

My journey to learning the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is a two-part journey, one part I was exploring a business venture that will help people, something to make peoples lives better, something that is good for humanity and with a purpose. The 2nd part was my interest in other worlds, the unexplained, that there is more to the human story than we know, lost ancient knowledge. With the unbelievable information that comes from these sessions and the healing afterward is amazing and I’ve found this to be a double win situation.

How did Jason discover QHHT by Dolores Cannon…

In 2011, my interest in ancient stories and lost knowledge of Atlantis and Egypt began to be reawakened again ever since I was a little boy. Anytime I heard anything about Atlantis on TV it had my full attention and I wanted to learn more. Later on, after some research, I discovered the books of Edgar Cayce, aka the sleeping prophet. The information that came from his sessions, like why was Atlantis destroyed, and the purpose of the Pyramids and the hall of records believed to be located under the Sphinx. Soon after, I discovered Dolores Cannon, and that is when I had a full taste of metaphysics. That everything is energy, everything has vibration, and everything is connected to other worlds and other dimensions.  

In 2017, after reading Dolores’ work I wanted to learn more about the hypnosis technique that she was teaching. I still had so many unanswered questions about my personal life and work, which led me to become a past life regression hypnotist in 2018. After my first class at QHHT, I had my first client two days later with many other interested in this experience.

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