About JJ Ballay

About Jason J. Ballay

QHHT Practitioner / Past Life Regression Hypnotist

My journey to learning the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is a two-part journey, one part I was exploring a business venture that will help people, something to make people’s lives better, something that is good for humanity and with a purpose. The 2nd part was my interest in other worlds, the unexplained, that there is more to the human story than we know, lost ancient knowledge. The unbelievable information that comes from these sessions and the healing afterward is amazing and I’ve found this to be a double win situation.

How did Jason discover QHHT by Dolores Cannon…

In 2011, my interest in ancient stories and lost knowledge of Atlantis and Egypt began to be reawakened again ever since I was a little boy. Anytime I heard anything about Atlantis on TV it had my full attention and I wanted to learn more. Later on, after some research, I discovered the books of Edgar Cayce, aka the sleeping prophet. The information that came from his sessions, like why was Atlantis destroyed, the purpose of the Pyramids, and the hall of records believed to be located under the Sphinx. Soon after, I discovered Dolores Cannon, and that is when I had a full taste of metaphysics. That everything is energy, everything has a vibration, and everything is connected to other worlds and other dimensions.  

In 2017, after reading Dolores’ work I wanted to learn more about the hypnosis technique that she was teaching. I still had so many unanswered questions about my personal life and work, which led me to become a past life regression hypnotist in 2018. After my first class at QHHT, I had my first client two days later with many others interested in this experience.

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To set up an appointment, please email Jason@JasonBallay.com

Contact Info:

  • Mailing Address:
  • Attn: Jason Ballay
  • PO BOX 3425
  • Gretna, LA 70054

Timeline of JJ Ballay:

  • 1979 Jul: Born Algiers, LA
  • 1984 Worlds Fair Expo in New Orleans
  • 1990 Father Passed Away ~ at the age of 11
  • 1995 Last year at Gretna Jr. High
  • 1998 Graduated from West Jeff ~ High School
  • 2004 Graduated from Delgado Community College ~ Associates of Business Studies
  • 2005 Hurricane Katrina ~ Mom’s house was damaged.
  • 2006 Started working for Imperial Trading LLC to Present as a Category Manager / Buyer for a convenience store wholesaler.
  • 2008 My 1st Online Business was created called www.LiquorGear.com after a few years of e-commerce it’s just a YouTube Channel now, the idea was born around 2004.
  • 2010 Jul: Invested in my 1st rental property, talk about a learning experience.
  • 2012 Feb: Beginning of my journey down the rabbit hole of Atlantis ~ Bought my 1st meta-physical book called “The Skull Speaks (Through Carole Davis) by Brian Hadley-James”
  • 2012 Apr: Became very interested in Edgar Cayce’s work bought his book about “Atlantis” by Edgar Evans Cayce, Hugh Lynn Cayce, and his other book called “The Essential Edgar Cayce”
  • 2013 Apr: Started to do more research on Crystals and bought the following books: “The Message of the Crystal Skull: From Atlantis to the New Age” and Crystal Skulls: Interacting with a Phenomenon, which added a lot of information to my crystal skull knowledge.
  • 2016 Jul: An estimated time frame when I had a deep feeling of something was coming like the great awakening but something more like the 5D Earth / Enlightenment. Deep in my soul.
  • 2017 Dec: “Guardians of Magic” is born and the work begins, had a dream/vision around 3 AM and all the images and details came rushing into my mind, characters, storyline, how they will look, and what they will wear. Posted the 1st video for Guardians of Magic on its Youtube channel Jan 2018.
  • 2018 Feb: bought my 1st book by Dolores Cannon Convoluted Universe Book 1 and Book 2 / “The Search for Hidden Sacred Knowledge” by Dolores C. / Also started reading The Ra Material (Law of One) Book 1 / May: Became a Level 1 QHHT practitioner, past lift regression, a method created by Dolores Cannon. Became a researcher of her work and wanted to more about all her information.
  • 2018 Aug: Went to Eureka Springs, Arkansas to become a Level 2 QHHT practitioner.
  • 2019 Jan: Quantum Research Enlightenment (QRE Network) is created and my 1st YouTube video is with Tracie Mahan / My 1st Trip to NYC / Jason’s new Logo going forward, two triangles on top of each other in a circle.
  • 2021 Mother Passed Away (Love and Light)
  • 2022 Apr: NYX808.com was created and will be the name of the film studio. To create short films and movie magic about all the great information I have gathered from QHHT sessions, Akashic records, meditation, ideas in the shower (haha), channeling, and interviews. So the studio is underway to bring videos to the masses time for more light to come to the world.
  • 2022 May: Secret Space Conference presented by Journey to Truth Podcast with Tyler and Aaron…I even had a little bit of an awakening, some things made me think about my childhood after the speaker Tony Rodrigues said something at the end of his speech…more TBD