Please keep in mind QHHT Sessions are done in Person.

How to Prepare for Your QHHT Hypnosis Session,

Before the day of their session clients should compile a list of “Life” questions they are seeking answers to, and a list of “Physical/Body” questions. A few examples are:

  • What is my life purpose?

  • When will I meet my soulmate/twin flame?

  • Have I had a past life with my child, husband, wife, friend, parent, etc.?

  • I want to move to a new location, where is the best place for me to live?

  • I was born with a heart defect. Why? Is it karmic?

  • Why have I always had a horrible relationship with my father, mother, sister, etc.?

  • Why do I have an addiction to gambling, drugs, alcohol, food, etc.?

  • What’s stopping me from losing the weight I want to lose?

  • What is the best job for me?

  • Do I have anything that’s blocking my abundance?

  • I’ve always loved to write, but I feel stuck. What’s stopping me right now?

  • Why have I always felt different from those around me?

  • I’m retired and am wondering if my purpose in life has changed?

  • How can I have a better relationship with my kids, wife, husband, siblings, etc.?

  • Why have I always been fascinated with aliens and ET’s? Have I ever been abducted or lived an alien life?

  • How many lifetimes have I lived?

  • I had a weird dream/experience and would like some clarity around it.

  • Why can’t I identify with being a man, woman, etc.?

  • Why do I have Psoriasis? Is there anything I can do for relief?

  • What is the best diet for me?

What to eat:  Our session could go up to 6 to 8 hours, so eat something light before you arrive for your session. You may want to pack a snack for after the session too.

 What to wear:  Since you may be lying down for a few hours, you should wear comfortable, light, loose-fitting clothes that won’t constrict your circulation or over-heat you while you’re lying under a blanket. If you typically wear socks to sleep, bring a pair with you so that your feet will feel good.

No shoes on the carpet, you can leave your shoes inside at the front door. I do have a little dog that will bark at first and after a few minutes he will calm down. 

Practice good hygiene:  I am often confined to the room for many hours, and other clients will be sharing the same space after your session.  Please be sure to shower, use deodorant and wear clean clothing.  Also, avoid using scents that could linger on the pillow and room.