QHHT Session:

QHHT sessions are only done in person, and I am located in the New Orleans Metropolitan area.

Location: I am located 30 minutes from the New Orleans Airport and 20 minutes from the French Quarter. You can plan a whole vacation around your stay in New Orleans plenty of things to do, eat, try, and they always have a festival going on. Please have your session first before doing any of these things.

Cost: minimum 6 hours Total: $300 ($50 per hour minimum 6 hours) an average session last about 6 to 8 hours, so prepare for a full day, time goes pretty quick when you are under hypnosis. Clients are always shocked on how time just flies. Also 1 hour of editing the session removing any Dolores Cannon, QHHT copyright information from the session. Final Total comes out to be $300 for the session + $50 deposit (nonrefunable) + $50 to edit the mp3 fileĀ  ($400 Total Cost)

If you want another session with me, the session does go quicker the 2nd time around, it’s $200, avg is about +4 hours, if you wanted to explore the Akashic records, another past life, the spiritual library with all the records, and/or more information from the higherself. Also if you want to explore times of Atlantis and/or Ancient Egypt the 2nd go round or 1st if the higherself approves for this email me for details.

  • One person at a time during a session
  • Only one person can be in the room/house, so please leave the love ones at the hotel or home.
  • Please bring a USB drive for the recorded session – which will help with remembering and healing. Please allow at least a week to edit the mp3 file.
  • Very important to listen to your session at night before going to bed, or when you have time to relax somewhere, the more you listen to your session the more information will come forward, and the more you listen to your session the more healing you will get.
  • I recommend listening to your session at least once a month but some clients listen to their sessions at least once a week.

$50 deposit to reserve a spot. Send me an email and we will set a date. Online payment for the deposit.